We know in this challenging time how important it is to keep everyone safe and healthy. That is why we at Sandra Ziemer Estate Sales is in STRICT compliance with the Federal & State guidelines for conduction in-person Estate Sales! You will NEVER see a packed house with people close together and mask-less. NEVER! Our main focus is providing a safe, secure and health conscious environment for our staff & our customers! We go above and beyond just mandating masks at our sales! We still require masks at ALL OF OUR SALES!! We provide latex gloves free of charge upon request, hand sanitizer at check-out and at the door,  and we also limit the number of people in the house at one time to the COVID-19 Protocol standards as recommended by the CDC and mandated by New York State.

Sandra D. Ziemer, Inc. has complied with all of the necessary filing of the following to reopen in Phase 2:

Completed the NY Forward Safety Plan Template

Signed and completed the NY Forward Business Affirmation

As we emerge slowly and safely from this unprecedented time, we are making sure all of the necessary steps are taken to ensure the safety and security of our customers and our staff. Due to the rise in COVID positive cases in WNY and the DELTA & OMNICRON Variant,  masks worn properly covering your face are MANDATORY at all of our sales, all of the time, regardless of the States lifting of the mask mandate.

Please remember that YOUR safety and OUR safety is our Number one goal! Together we will all get through this safely and successfully!! We look forward to seeing everyone back at our sales!!

George Ziemer & Sandra Ziemer

Updated Sunday, September 5, 2021

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